How Can I Make My Home Accessible?

How Can I Make My Home Accessible?

Adding an exterior wheelchair lift to gain access to your home is a great first step to making your home accessible for all family members and visitors. Another option is making your bathroom accessible, since this room can be the most difficult to use when you have limited mobility or depend on a wheelchair or walker to get around. If possible a main floor bathroom should be accessible. Adding handle bars greatly reduce the dangers of slips and falls while transitioning into a bath or shower. Adding grab bars and a shower bench will make this even safer. Give us a call at 215-769-1500 to see the many options available for your bathroom, kitchen, stairs, car, our outdoor areas.

For continued independence and staying at home longer, the next room you should focus on is the kitchen. Adding an ADA compliant lift system into a kitchen allows wheelchair users and those with mobility issues to prepare meals, clean up, and use an important space in the home safely and independently. There are many ways to create ADA kitchens for wheelchairs, starting with counter lifts and cabinet lifts that make the most of your busiest space.

Whatever your needs are, we can help you go through your options and decide what will help you best.  That’s what we are here for!

Help a loved one get a Stair Lift

Sometimes reaching out to others to help them can be a challenging experience, especially when the time comes to modify a person’s home to allow them to continue a life of accessibility and independence they may not be ready to admit is changing.

People with disabilities, or issues with accessibility or mobility, face a multitude of obstacles in their physical environment. These barriers can prevent them from attending school, working, accessing services like healthcare, participating in community activities, or enjoying a full life moving independently inside or outside their home.

Creating a barrier-free environment is key to including people with disabilities as equal members of society. When steps are taken to remove physical barriers, individuals, including children, older people, those with chronic diseases, can benefit from continued mobility.

All Access can supply a full range of stair lifts, chair lifts, auto lifts, bathroom rails, and any ADA compliant home modifications that need to be made. Our team of Accessibility Associates can help you start the process of choosing which products are best for you, or help you schedule a free consultation to discuss with you, or anyone who needs help with their mobility, then finally installing whatever products are necessary to help improve your loved one’s quality of life.

To ready one local Philadelphia couple’s story about how a few steps affected their quality of life, read this article from our friends at

Coming home, to the land of no steps.

Why is Accessibility So Important?

Personal independence is one of the most valuable and important freedoms a person can have that ensures a quality standard of living.

Whether due to an injury or illness, age, or ability, the thought of getting up and down a staircase, in and out of a car, moving around a bathroom or your home, becomes more challenging. Safety and security are primary concerns, but so is being able to enjoy your life,your home and your family. That why an accessibility upgrade isn’t just a convenient addition to your home, it’s a necessity.

If you are considering helping someone you know regain their mobility and independence, All Access has a full line of products that can help you help someone you care for.  Whether you are looking for a chair lift, auto lift, ramp, ADA complaint bathroom upgrade, or home modification, please remember All Access is here to help you make an informed decision, and we strive to give you all the accessibility you need!

Please call us at 215-769-1500 for a free, custom quote!

What is a Stairlift or Chairlift?

Thinking about a stairlift can sometimes make people unnecessarily nervous. Whether due to injury, illness, age or ability, getting up and down a staircase can become more challenging. Safety and security are primary concerns, but so is being able to enjoy life, family, and independence.

That’s why a stair lift or chair lift isn’t just a convenient addition to your home, it’s a necessity. A stair lift allows a house to be a home, not a hindrance. Moving freely around your home will give you the confidence and freedom to go where you want, when you want, in your home.

A stairlift (previously called a chairlift or chair lift) is a useful addition to many people's homes, providing easy access to upstairs when the stairs themselves become too much.

A stairlift (or stair lift) is a lift which takes a person up and down stairs, using a motorized seat which runs up and down a staircase on a rail or track. They are usually powered by electricity, and have a control on the actual stairlift itself which the person using the stairlift presses to operate.  Stairlifts are available for both curved and straight staircases, and models are available for both inside and outside.

The majority of people who have a stairlift installed are able to walk, although they may use a walking aid to do so. Small walking aids, such as a walking stick or crutch, can easily be carried on the stair lift.

Are you thinking about a stairlift? Let out knowledgeable Access Specialists help you decided which lift is best for your needs.  They can provide a free consultation, a free custom quote, and offer complete installation services from start to finish.  Why wait?  Call now and we can discuss your needs and help you maintain your freedom and independence!

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